Megmeet Kaynak Makineleri

Artsen Plus

Intelligent Platform of Digital MIG/MAG Welder with Featured Welding Processes.
  • Tranquil Fusion for super low-spatter MAG & CO2 welding of carbon steel, and MAG welding of SUS;
  • Thunder Fusion for short-arc pulse MIG/MAG welding of carbon steal, esp. thick plate with good penetration;
  • Thunder Fusion for short-arc pulse & double-pulse MIG/MAG welding of SUS, aluminum and alloys.
  • DP Fusion for easy-to-use all-position welding;
  • Consistent penetration for stick-out variations at pulse mode;
  • Leaping Fusion for high-speed intermittent welding of carbon steel;
  • Root Fusion for root welding with stabilized arc control;
  • Anti-interference capability, esp. convenient for automation;
  • Applicable for push-pull torch;
  • Convenient upgrading with USB port.